Injury Prevention

In Australia, we have what’s called a self-regulatory model for OH&S. This means that the business is responsible for identifying and assessing their own risks and applying sensible risk controls. When it comes to manual tasks, or manual handling, many business owners and even OH&S professionals are unsure what they must do to comply with legislation. There is no list or prescription that dictates what a business must or should do.

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Historically, manual handling training was considered an integral part of risk management. This is no longer the case and is often not needed.

What is needed, is a manual tasks audit. This is a methodical process using observation and measurement of postures, movements, forces, repetition, speed and various environmental factors. At Back on Track, we use our trained ‘physio eyes’ as well as various technologies and apps to measure and assess risk exposure. Through the audit process we can identify the presence (or absence) of manual task hazards and provide advice on risk control.

Sometimes, an audit can yield great news – your work yields low risk exposure and you can continue business as usual in the knowledge you are providing a safe workplace. Other times, there might be a number of hazardous manual tasks identified. Back on Track will work with you to implement a targeted program of risk control. Training may be part of that strategy but often we recommend more robust tactics that are delivered in house, by your own team, coached by Back on Track’s consultants. Although we would love to deliver a business-wide training program that may not be the most cost-effective strategy for your business. With evidence-based strategies, Back on Track will provide the direction. Operating in Brisbane and all over Queensland, we’re here to ensure your business doesn’t suffer from employee injuries.

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