Injury Management

We are physiotherapists and occupational therapists with post-graduate qualifications in OH&S so we are genuinely able to combine the disciplines of health… and… safety.

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At Back on Track we do injury management a little differently. Although we have a few letters after our name, we are not academics. We are practical people with practical solutions.

We understand the challenges for employers when supporting an injured worker. We cut through the jargon, talk to workers, doctors and supervisors to get to the heart of any issues and provide professional, expert advice.

We know that injured workers sometimes have a great many worries. Insurance and compensation systems can be complex! We offer sensitivity and warmth. We act as the bridge between the workplace, the injured worker and their doctors, and in doing so, reduce worries, clarify information and provide a clear path for rehabilitation and return to work. Our home base may be Brisbane but our Injury Management services are on offer for all of Queensland and some parts of Northern NSW.

Ideally, we would like to see your business utilise our Injury Prevention Services. However, when injury does occur, we offer the following services.

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