Back on Track consultants offer tailored health and safety training for workers, managers and rehabiltiation professionals. We are proud to offer evidence-based, innovative approaches that have yeilded consistently positive feedback.

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Back on Track's multidisciplinary team integrates physiotherapy, occupational therapy, exercise physiology and psychology to develop and deliver a holistic approach to workplace health and safety.

Back on Track consultants develop and deliver training that is:

  • Risk based. We establish your hazard profile and tailor training accordingly. 
  • Practical. On the job coaching is an excellent way to minimise ‘classroom’ time and maximise practical participation.
  • Engaging. We use video,images and case examples from your own industry or your own workplace.
  • Competency-based. We require active participation that demonstrates learning applied to work tasks.
  • Audience-specific. We know our audience and target our tone, activities and examples accordingly. 
  • Health promoting. Workers are encouraged to access free and low-cost services in their communities to optimise their health and wellbeing. 

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