Manual Handling Training

Hazardous manual tasks training from $495.

Manual handling training has changed over the years and thankfully, the days of teaching workers to lift boxes have passed.

Musculoskeletal disorders remain the most prevalent and costly of workplace injury and many are attributed to hazardous manual tasks.

When Back on Track consultants deliver Manual Task Hazard Training:

  • Course content is tailored to your industry, particular tasks and work processes

  • Involves practical participation in actual work tasks, specific exercises and stretches

  • We use slow-motion video technology to highlight potential hazards in behaviours and work practices

  • We offer wearable sensor technology to provide workers feedback on their performance

  • Workers develop insight into their unhelpful work habits and learn to implement safer work practices

  • Workers gain understanding of risk management and the importance of higher level risk controls

  • We cover important health topics that affect injury risk including physical activity, nutrition, hydration and sleep

  • We can also include individual  health risk assessments depending on group size

The Hazardous Manual Tasks Code of Practice 2011 requires duty holders to:

“Manage the risk to health and safety by identifying reasonably foreseeable risks and eliminating them if possible, or minimising the risk so far as is reasonably practicable by implementing control measures in accordance with the hierarchy of control.”

“If a risk of musculoskeletal disorders remains after implementing higher level control measures, then the risk must be minimised by providing information, training and instruction. Training in the type of control measures implemented should be provided during induction into a new job and as part of an on-going manual task risk control program.”

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