Return to Work Services

We know that injured workers sometimes have a great many worries. Insurance and compensation systems can be complex! We offer sensitivity and warmth.

We act as the bridge between the workplace, the injured worker and their doctors, and in doing so, reduce worries, clarify information and provide a clear path for returning to work.

Our return to work services include:

  • Worksite assessment and development of a suitable duties plan (SDP). Our aim is to implement a SDP is essentially a gym program at work, gradually building up to normal duties.
  • Consultation with the injured worker, their manager and treating doctors to ensure appropriate treatment and services are delivered at the right time.
  • Regular communication and documented updates.

We understand the challenges for employers when supporting an injured worker. We cut through the jargon, talk to workers, doctors and supervisors to get to the heart of any issues and provide professional, expert advice.

Regardless if you’ve injured yourself from truck driving up the Queensland coast or had a mishap working a construction job in Brisbane, the return to work services we offer will ensure you’ll be back to optimum capacity sooner and have you working again.