Manual Task Audit

The purpose of an audit is to identify the presence (or absence) of hazardous manual tasks. Hazardous tasks might be associated with risk of acute injury such as a slip and fall or hand trauma. But more often, hazardous manual tasks are associated with cumulative trauma, causing the aches and pains that are familiar to many. 

A manual task audit is a systematic process of observing and assessing the range of tasks performed by a worker, work group or an entire business operation.

Sometimes, an audit can yield great news – your work yields low risk exposure and you can continue, business as usual, in the knowledge you are providing a safe workplace. Other times, there might be a number of hazardous manual tasks identified.

Back on Track will work with you to implement a targeted program of risk control. It is not realistic nor cost-effective for business to re-engineer every manual task, so an audit helps to identify the priorities –  “The Top 10 Hazards”. Funds can then be targeted to control risks with greatest cost-benefit.