Worksite Assessment or Risk Assessment

We use our trained ‘physio eyes’ as well as various technologies and apps to measure and assess risk exposure. Worksite assessment may be performed on a manufacturing line, at a building site, on a drilling rig or in a helicopter. These are some of the places in which we’ve been have privileged to work.

Worksite assessment or risk assessment is a scientific, methodical process using observation and measurement of postures, movements, forces, repetition, speed and various environmental factors.

Sometimes, the worksite assessment or risk assessment can yield great news – the task involves low risk exposure and you can continue, business as usual, in the knowledge you are providing a safe workplace. Other times, the assessment reveals that the manual task is indeed hazardous.

Back on Track can work with your business to provide advice on risk control. Rarely would we dictate the solution. We work with you and your staff to devise practical solutions. We can recommend particular plant, materials handling solutions or connect you with engineers who can design or build new, improved processes or plant.

After doing this for 13 years, in all sorts of businesses and all over Queensland, our worksite assessments are built around our personal knowledge of what may be affecting your employee’s health in the workplace that other less experienced professionals may miss. Enquire today.