Long COVID and return to work

Functional restoration and return to work services

Back on Track are pleased to expand our services to include delivering functional restoration programs.  We focus on a personal and holistic approach putting the needs and goals of the client first.  By using this client centred approach, we tailor and deliver flexible programs including home based as well as outdoor exercise.  It was a pleasure to assist Ms Smith achieve her goal of improving cardiovascular fitness and general condition to enable return to work.  We were able to utilise home exercise equipment in combination with walking outdoors at her local park to compliment Ms Smith’s lifestyle preference. Over a 6-week program she was able to build physical capacity and confidence and returned to work as a school teacher. 

Most people with COVID-19 recover completely within a few weeks.  However, some people will experience symptoms for weeks or months following their diagnosis.  There are two stages which the term ‘long COVID’ refers to:

  • Ongoing symptomatic COVID 19 if your symptoms have persisted for more than 4 weeks after infection, and
  • Post COVID 19 syndrome if their symptoms continue after 12 weeks.

Early research indicates that 20% of people with COVID 19 experience ongoing symptoms after one month, and 5% after 3 months1.  Common signs and symptoms include fatigue, shortness of breath, changes in smell or taste, chest pain, difficulty sleeping, anxiety or depression, headache and cognitive dysfunction.

Allied health professionals including Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists can support gradual commencement or return to exercise.  This is important to improve general health and recovery to allow for a gradual return to normal social and work activities. 

Back on Track are pleased to offer flexible and holistic functional restoration programs that are tailored to an individual’s needs.  We complete thorough initial needs assessments that allow us to intimately understand the client’s challenges and tailor functional restoration programs to suit their lifestyle including home based and outdoors. Contact the team at Back on Track if you would like to learn more about our functional restoration programs.

Ryan Gilliman
Occupational Health Physiotherapist


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