Manual Handling Training

While postural awareness and knowledge about the preferred lifting technique is of value, greater safety outcomes can be achieved be teaching workers how to identify potential hazards and what to do about them.

Manual handling training has changed over the years and thankfully, the days of teaching workers to lift boxes have passed.

When Back on Track consultants deliver Manual Task Hazard Training, it is practical and tailored to your particular tasks and work processes. On the job coaching with video technology is used to enlighten workers about potential hazards. Workers are often pleased to understand the contributions to their aches and pains. We teach workers to develop insight into their unhelpful work habits and implement safer work practices.

The benefits of exercise are no secret, so group participation in exercise and stretching is always part of any health promotion initiative. When workers divulge their musculoskeletal concerns, we are happy to offer individual advice for stretching or exercise.  We also suggest taking time to discuss physical activity, nutrition, hydration and general health since these elements are critical to injury prevention, health and well-being.

We’re located in Brisbane but Manual Handling Training is available state wide. We understand that different companies will have different needs so we’ll tailor it to the employee experience.