ManTRA & PErforM

We would be to chat over a coffee about how we can help your business establish ManTRA and PErforM. These systems will get you on track to meet your legislative obligations in the management of hazardous manual tasks.

If these are acronyms you’ve heard about but now feel bamboozled, read no further! Just give us a call.


Manual Task Risk Assessment – was developed in 2004 as a collaboration between WH&S Queensland, the University of Queensland and Curtin University of Technology.

It was developed for use by WH&S inspectors and the tool has since been honed for use in workplaces. It is a practical and reliable method for manual task auditing and gets business on track to meet their legislative obligations in the management of hazardous manual tasks. 

Back on Track teaches the application of ManTRA in the industrial environment. The course is suited to safety professionals, HR advisors, staff trainers, and those in leadership roles such as team leaders, foremen or shift supervisors. An abridged course is offered for the broader workforce called Manual Task Hazard Training (link to Manual Handling Training).



Participatory Ergonomics for Manual Tasks – is a framework which applies ManTRA principles and focusses on the engagement of all workers in the identification of hazardous manual tasks.