Task Analysis

We use our trained ‘physio eyes’ as well as various technologies and apps to measure and assess postures, movements, forces, repetition, speed and various environmental factors.

Task analysis is the process of observing, measuring and recording the physical, cognitive and/or psychosocial demands of a task, process or job.

The resulting document is often called a task analysis.  The reason for doing a task analysis varies:

  • It may be part of a risk assessment,
  • It may be used to establish training needs,
  • As part of a rehabilitation program,
  • To develop a pre-employment functional test, or
  • Used as part of a job dictionary.

Regardless of the type of work your employees do, it’s always a good idea to assess the jobs they do and how it might be negatively affecting them. Based out of Brisbane, Back on Track professionals travel all over Queensland to provide a Task Analysis on all sorts of jobs, enquire today to find out how we can come to you.

If you’re looking for a task analysis to assess risk, please refer to Workplace Assessment and Risk Assessment.