The term Occupational Health and Safety seems to have lost meaning over the years and has become synonymous with business compliance activities. It’s no wonder that workers’ eyes glaze over at the mere mention of OH&S!

At Back on Track, we are physiotherapists and occupational therapists with qualifications in health… and… safety.  We can genuinely integrate the two scientific disciplines.

Can you have a healthy worker who is unsafe? We think so.

Can you have a safe worker who is unhealthy? We think so.

So how do we get a workforce that is healthy and safe?

We develop and deliver training that is:

  • Practical. On the job coaching is an excellent way to minimise ‘classroom’ time and maximise practical participation.
  • Engaging. We use video and images from your own industry or your own workplace to develop case scenarios and practical activities.
  • Competence-based. We expect every participant to complete training and demonstrate some basic learning that is applied to their daily work.
  • Audience-specific. We know our audience and target our examples accordingly. If sport-analogies get them in then that’s what we use!
  • Focussed on health. Although safety at work is the ultimate goal, healthy workers are the way to get there. People love talking about their health and so do we; We are always happy to offer individual, tailored advice during training and in course breaks. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re located at the Gold Coast, Gladstone or Brisbane, Workplace Training teams travel all over the state so that everyone has access to these services.

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