Vehicle or Plant Ergonomic Assessment

Long term exposure to vibration from a rough ride and to sustained sitting is known to contribute to spinal degeneration. Employers must ensure that mobile plant does not expose workers to unacceptable risk. 

Vehicle or plant ergonomic assessment of trucks, cars and machines can be performed proactively, to ensure worker exposure to risk factors such as sustained sitting, awkward postures and whole-body vibration is managed to an acceptable level.

Vehicle or plant ergonomic assessment includes:

  • Measurement of cabin clearances, seating dimensions and reach distances which are compared with anthropometric data (population size) to ensure a good fit across a broad range of workers.
  • Vibration measurement using iOS technology which is a valid and reliable tool.
  • Access safety to and from the cabin and trailer.

It is best practice to include vehicle or plant ergonomic assessment as a routine part of procurement.  This can pre-empt and avoid future problems and ensures that the plant is fit for purpose and for the workforce who use it.

Vehicle ergonomic assessment may also be performed when a worker reports pain or discomfort associated with driving.