Patient Handling Training

Course duration varies according to the needs of the workgroup and will typically include a short period of theory followed by practical participation. Back on Track is an accredited provider of Queensland Health’s Think Smart Patient Handling program.

Patient handling training is offered to employers of carers, nurses, orderlies, wardies, physiotherapists and other health professionals. 

Training includes:

  • Understanding injury causation including sources of cumulative and acute trauma among health care workers
  • Patient handling assessment methods
  • Patient handling equipment – procuring equipment, maintenance and infection control
  • Biomechanics and safe handling principles
  • Safe handling techniques for hospitals, aged care, theatres and community organisations
    • Use of slide sheets to roll, reposition and move patients on bed
    • Use of Patslide for lateral transfers
    • Wheelchair transfers
    • Hoist use in the home, ward or outpatient unit
    • Hoisting form the floor
    • Use of hover mat
    • Car transfers and more