Office Ergonomics Training

Back on Track offers individual or small group training for 4-16 people for approximately 1 hour.

Practical participation is the foundation of our ergonomics course.

  • Workers learn how to adjust their seating, desk and accessories to optimise healthy postures and gain efficiencies. They are encouraged to feel the difference.
  • We encourage questions and there are no silly questions. You may have noticed that chairs have become more complex and workers are struggling to find an adjustment that is comfortable. We teach workers to make their own adjustments, enabling them to apply their learning to any new workstation.
  • Participants learn about the potential causes of injury and pain. Many gain insight into their own unhealthy postures and movements and can self-correct to significantly improve their comfort.
  • Workers are given practical, technology-based strategies to promoted incidental movement and they are reminded of the importance of physical activity outside of work time.
  • Workers participate in group stretching and exercise and are encouraged to nominate a regime of regular stretching, exercise or incidental movement.
  • We encourage and explain the use of activity-based workstations such as standing workstations, standing meeting rooms, walking meetings and break out spaces.

Follow up to the course is recommended with individual assessments of 10-15 minutes to ensure trained ergonomics are implemented. Ergonomic assessment can be delivered individually or across groups within large organisations. Ergonomic assessment trainings are available in Brisbane and state wide, and can be delivered individually or across groups within large organisations. We have delivered 150+ assessments in one week.