Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomic assessments are typically considered to be applied to the office environment. In fact, an ergonomic assessment can be performed in a truck cabin, at a manufacturing line or in an underground coal mine. For these more exotic locations, please refer to Worksite Assessment for further information.

Office ergonomic assessments are offered in a unique way at Back on Track.

  • We use our ‘coaches eye’ to identify unhealthy postures and movements. With the help of technology, we enlighten office workers about the reasons for their aches and pains. We teach workers to identify their unhelpful habits and workstation arrangements.
  • We still provide the basics including advice on chair set up, position of screens, keyboard and accessories. 
  • Results are in the details. While we can’t share our trade secrets, we can say that the default settings of some operating systems are are not optimal, exposing workers to visual strain and repetitive wrist movements.
  • We encourage questions, and there are no silly questions. You may also have noticed that chairs have become more complex and workers simply cannot find an adjustment that is comfortable. We teach workers to make their own adjustments, enabling them to apply their learning to any new workstation. We don’t need to come back time and again.
  • As you would expect, when a physio delivers an ergonomic assessment, you will likely get some personalised, tailored homework in the form of stretches or exercise to help manage and prevent pain.

Ergonomic assessment can be delivered individually or across groups within large organisations. With Back on Track’s efficiencies, we have delivered over 130 assessments in one week.

Of course, we provide a report that details the assessment and itemises the recommendations which may include:

  • Self-management strategies such as posture correction, specific stretches or exercise for pain relief, rest breaks and task rotation
  • Equipment modifications such as an alternative mouse, keyboard or document holder
  • Seating adjustments
  • New seating when the existing chair does not provide adequate support
  • To make it easy for businesses to source recommended items, products and supplier details can be provided.

Having plenty of experience working with a variety of businesses around Brisbane, Queensland and northern NSW, we’ve encountered and helped thousands of businesses and office workers improve their working conditions and helped eliminate any potential OH&S hazards. Our ergonomic assessments will help future-proof your employee’s health in the workplace.